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Warranty Return Policy

We are committed to providing beautiful, high-quality flowers for our Flower Placement Program

Our flowers are warranted to be in good condition upon placement, however, Pinelawn cannot be responsible for damages that are caused outside of our control, such as but not limited to, weather, theft, vandalism, natural defects, etc. If you believe you have received damaged goods, you must notify us of the incident within 72 hours. Damaged items that were caused by our Company will be subject to an immediate replacement subject to our Terms. Failure to follow our return policy may result in delays or additional shipping charges to be incurred by the customer. To obtain warranty/return service, please contact Pinelawn at

If you have placed a flower order in error, and it has been found that the deceased is not interred at Pinelawn, we will refund your payment in the form of a check or refund the credit card used when placing the order.
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