Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter is to thank you and your staff for your considerable kindness during these past two years. I am overwhelmed with sheer joy at the pleasant manner in which you have assisted me in taking a considerable load off of my mind, by helping make comfortable payments in buying a burial space. Thanks to GOD and your staff, please give Mr. Murtha my best regards.

May GOD bless both you and your families, once again thank you so very much.

Cordially, Ms. Eula J.
Dear Pete,

Thinking of purchasing a burial plot is a contemplative undertaking, no pun intended. We solely intended to purchase a plot for a gravely ill member of the family, but you demonstrated such professionalism, accompanied with patience, that we decided to purchase a plot for ourselves, and also for our aunt and uncle. We want to thank you so much for your assistance, guidance and sensitivity throughout this difficult period.

Best Regards, Chantal & Georges S.

My name is Maryse P. I live in Miami and my sister Gladys in Long Island. Our mother Marguerite L. passed away two months ago on September 11th and was buried at your place the following Saturday.

I join my family in sending you our sincere gratitude for your thoughtfulness and the impeccable service we received during that difficult time. We appreciate the idea of decorating the graves for the holiday season. Making them look so beautiful may help us celebrate the season with our loved ones whom we miss so much…Our Mom was with us last Christmas…Today we only have a memory.

I thank you for your compassion.

Sincerely, Maryse P. (Miami)

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