Memorial Gardens

Memorial property is available among the many gardens of Pinelawn Memorial Park. Here one cannot help but be inspired and heartened by the beauty that surrounds them. Every detail has been carefully planned to create this lasting beauty. Instead of competing headstones, handsome bronze memorials are set level with the wide sweeping lawns. While each individual garden is designed to be an integral part of the beauty and serenity of Pinelawn as a whole, the architecture and landscaping within each garden are focal points of their own individual beauty and character.
Our West Fountain Garden includes flowering trees which compliment wide, sweeping lawns that surround a beautiful, flowing marble fountain. The open and expansive design of this garden offers a breathtaking view that inspires a feeling of security and inner peace. The Garden of Peace, comprising 11 acres of Pinelawn Memorial Park, contains generous groves of pine and shade trees, and overflowing azaleas, rhododendrons, and dogwoods. They surround one of the largest flowing bronze fountains in the country. This is a spot of beauty and tranquility ... found amidst stately marble columns that add dramatic highlights to this inspirational Fountain of Peace.
From Hundreds of acres of manicured grounds, unique architecture and flowing bronze fountains to the flower-lined walks, vibrant flower beds and flowering trees, the beautiful memorial gardens of Pinelawn Memorial Park offer to all of our families Peace, Tranquility and Calm.

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