Holiday Blanket

Dear Friend:

Each year Pinelawn Memorial Park offers plot owners the opportunity to beautify the plots of their loved ones with evergreen holiday decorations.  These traditional decorations make our park especially festive to visit during the holiday season.

Pinelawn is pleased to offer environmentally friendly Blankets and Sprays, which are not only beautiful, but also locally made and biodegradable.  As before, each individual decoration is hand-woven using all natural components.  Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir create a mixed green base with blue-green highlights, which is then decorated with Holly, Boxwood, and white Birch branches.  To further improve this design, we add red Birch branches and white frosted pine cone clusters, making the decorations more colorful and vibrant.  The look is completed with a recyclable red velvet bow.

These decorations will not only provide visual interest during the holidays but they will help add beauty for years to come.  At the end of the holiday season the Blankets will be recycled into compost which will be used throughout the property to enrich the soil and nourish trees and shrubs.

By eliminating the transportation and disposal costs, Pinelawn is able to pass the savings to the plot owners by maintaining the reduced cost of the Blankets and Sprays.  Thus, not only are we able to reduce our carbon footprint, but we are also able to provide a more beautiful Blanket at a significantly lower price.  Our Blanket, which covers most of the grave area, is priced at $85, while the smaller Spray is still only $65, which includes sales tax.

Pinelawn is committed to providing an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible landscape throughout the season.  As always, all the monies from sales of Christmas decorations remain with Pinelawn for the beautification and care of the park.

Very truly yours,

Justin D. Locke