Fall Pumpkin Decoration Guidelines

Starting Saturday, October 6th, on a trial basis, visitors will be allowed to place small, uncarved pumpkins, such as Jack Be Little, Sugar Pie, and Baby Bear, on bronze memorial plaques. The pumpkins must be no larger than the size of a grapefruit and can remain on the bronze memorial plaques until picked up by Pinelawn the day after Halloween, Thursday, Nov. 1st.

Due to Pinelawn’s Promise to provide a beautiful, serene park setting, please review the Fall Pumpkin Decoration Guidelines:

  • Pumpkins may be placed on bronze memorial plaques only, so that they do not damage the turf.
  • Large pumpkins are not allowed as they are difficult to move while mowing and cleaning up leaves. They tend to rot and fall apart sooner once removed off the vine and left exposed to the outside elements.
  • Carved pumpkins are prohibited as they attract insects.

Large pumpkins, pumpkins placed before October 6, carved or damaged pumpkins (ex: chewed on by animals, damaged by frost, rotting, etc.) will be removed and discarded, without notice.

As always, fresh cut flowers may be placed in bronze vases. Artificial flowers, potted plants, as well as other decorations, will be removed without notice.

If you have questions about the Fall Pumpkin Decoration Guidelines, please call us at 631) 249-6100 x0.