Summer Rules & Regulations

Seasonal Rules & Regulations

Visitors are reminded that Pinelawn is a sacred place. It is a private Memorial Park. It must remain a place of loving memories and quiet reflection. Pinelawn has the right to refuse admittance to anyone violating this spirit.

Over time, Pinelawn has adopted certain rules and regulations for the protection of its plot owners, mausoleum space owners, family, and friends, and to preserve and maintain the beauty of Pinelawn.

The aim of the management is to continue to keep Pinelawn one of the most beautiful cemeteries in America. With your help this can be done. We, of course, strongly believe that our plot and mausoleum owners, will realize the extensive task Pinelawn has to perform in order to achieve these goals and, understanding that the purposes behind those rules, which at first may seem unnecessarily restrictive, are intended to protect the right of all, and thus will gladly accept them.

Summer Rules & Regulations for Land Plots
Summer Rules & Regulations for Mausoleum Crypts & Niches

Rules and Regulations are subject to change, as necessary.
Copies of complete rules and regulations are available upon request.

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