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Frequently Asked Questions

At Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum, we try to make every process as simple as possible. If you have any questions or concerns we hope you will find the answer below, if not feel free to contact us by calling (631) 249-6100 Ext. 0.

General Questions

Why is Pinelawn called a “memorial park” and not just a “cemetery”?
Over a century ago, Pinelawn Memorial Park's founder, William H. Locke Jr. made a promise to build a memorial park of remarkable magnificence on Long Island, where every effort would be made to impart an air of tranquility to all. William wrote The Promise of Pinelawn in 1902, which paved a culture that still lives within the organization today. Alfred D. Locke, William’s son, became a passionate steward of the land and delivered his father's promise by introducing magnificent architecture, historically significant sculptures, themed gardens, and striking landscape design. The vision and passion of William H. Locke Jr. and his son, Alfred D. Locke, have transformed the way generations of families remember their loved ones.
Who can be buried at Pinelawn Memorial Park?
Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum is a non-sectarian cemetery, welcoming people of all faiths and religions.
What geographic areas does Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum serve?
Pinelawn serves families from all over the country, but primarily assists families from Nassau and Suffolk County, and the Metropolitan area including Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.
Why does Pinelawn use flat bronze memorials instead of traditional headstones?
As opposed to competing headstones, Pinelawn Memorial Park uses beautiful and tasteful bronze memorials that are set level with the wide-sweeping lawns. By doing so, family and friends are inspired by the scenic beauty of the flowing fountains, unique architecture and lush greenery as they reflect on their loved ones.
How can I see where a loved one is located at Pinelawn?
Visitors are welcome to ask for assistance in locating a loved one’s location at the administration building. Pinelawn’s friendly staff will be able to provide a location card and map for easier reference. For location information via phone, please call (631) 249-6100.
Why does Pinelawn only allow fresh cut flowers?
Only fresh-cut flowers may be placed in vases. No artificial flowers or other artificial items are permitted at any time. Pinelawn is working constantly to maintain a serene, neat and uncluttered memorial park. The aim of management is to continue to keep Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in America where visitors can quietly reflect and remember their loved ones.
Do I have to pay for the maintenance of my family’s plot/crypt?
There are never any annual or perpetual care charges. Pinelawn’s Permanent and Current Maintenance Funds provide for the care and maintenance of the cemetery. Such maintenance is included in the memorial property purchase price.
How long do flowers remain at a gravesite after a burial or entombment?
Flowers are removed on the third morning after an interment/entombment. The date of interment/entombment counts as day one.
I want to get a photo of my loved one’s memorial. How can I do that?
There are times when family and friends are unable to visit and would like a photo of a loved one’s memorial plot/crypt. When needed, Pinelawn can provide this photo service to families at a cost of $25. For assistance, please contact our office at (631) 249-6100.


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Please send me, without obligation, a FREE copy of Let's Face It Now as well as complete information and pricing about pre-planning memorial property at Pinelawn Memorial Park.
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